Brand Design Strategy July 21, 2023


PostPro is the upcoming company with a vision to help businesses reach their customers more effectively by providing logistics, distribution and promotional post services.


The new task for Revo was to build a new brand identity to launch PostPro and to position it as a trustworthy innovator in the field.

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To create a brand that embodies PostPro’s tech-first soul and builds trust with business audiences.

“The power of distribution, the convenience of PostPro” is the tagline chosen as the result of a collaborative brainstorm to clarify PostPro’s offer whilst emphasising the convenience of their simple and integrated services.

For the brand icon, we created a ‘P’ with two circles that join together in a diagonal motion to represent connection — between PostPro, their B2B customers, and the final recipients. The circles’ movement represents the dynamic sector in which the company operates, and turns one of the circles into a location pin, to highlight the idea that PostPro can reach customers anywhere.

To communicate the soul of a company that is always on the move, we customised the PostPro font and selected a bright and modern palette which improves brand recognisability while evoking trustworthiness and warmth.

What we did

A new logo designed around movement and connection, aided by a modern, trustworthy, and lively visual identity.

PostPro make distribution easy, so we wanted to take that sense of modern simplicity to their corporate identity and advertisements, with bold colours against white and geometric elements, such as squares and circles, which envelop and reach people with PostPro’s capabilities.

At Revo we loved working with the PostPro team. With a new brand taking them into the market, PostPro are now ready to take their services everywhere.

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