Brand Design Strategy March 23, 2023

DiHub MT

Led by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority, DiHub MT is Malta’s own European Digital Innovation Hub which supports startups, businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers in their quest to offer cutting-edge products and solutions internationally.


The first task for the Revo team was to find a new name for the Hub. Then, we went on to create a new visual identity with a futuristic mood to stand out.

  • Strategy

    Brand strategy, Brand identity, Naming

  • Design

    Visual identity, Corporate identity

  • Client

    Malta Digital Innovation Authority


To name and brand an innovative European hub that helps visions come true through technology.

First things first. We started by digging deep into the tech and startup sectors and their hottest keywords. After a number of brainstorming sessions between the Innovation Hub and Revo to come up with the perfect name, we settled for DiHub: a name that is modern, short, easy to pronounce internationally and domain-friendly.

For the logo icon, we chose a triangle composed of three lines representing DiHub’s value propositions, which revolve around being innovative, visionary, and progressive  — with a dynamic effect that represents synergies and progress. We paired that with visually appealing customised logotype to add boldness to the company’s identity.


What we did

A bold identity built around the brand’s value propositions and a dynamic visual direction that highlights humanity and innovation.

For DiHub MT, we built a visual system which rotates around two directions. For communications that are directed at specific audience groups, the focus is on photography. This direction highlights the value of people, showing the human aspect of innovation and the work that goes into developing exciting ideas. For more institutional and brand-centric communications, we created a custom visual motive which is dynamic has virtually endless applications, making the identity more adaptable to diverse applications.

DiHub has all the tools needed to drive innovators forward — and now, it has a strong brand made by us at Revo, to communicate exactly that.

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